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Adults tapping Internet for election news« Thread Started on

Daily newsbrief journal for September 2006, also see for a global 100-page perpetual brief and follow twitter @usdemocrats

Adults tapping Internet for election news« Thread Started on

Postby admin » Fri Jan 27, 2012 9:57 am

Adults tapping Internet for election news« Thread Started on Sept 21, 2006, 11:55pm » --------------------------------------------------------------------------------Adults tapping Internet for election newsPOSTED: 1509 GMT (2309 HKT), September 21, 2006 read source: ... ml(Reuters) -- American adult users of the Internet in August 2006 spent some time reading about politics or the coming U.S. election, a big increase from November 2004, according to a survey released on Wednesday by the Pew Internet and American Life Project.The non-partisan think tank said 26 million Americans -- or 19 percent of adult users -- turned to the Internet in August to read political news and information, compared to 21 million in November 2004 when a presidential election was held.The latest figure is noteworthy because August is typically a quiet month in political campaigns due to summer vacations, said John Horrigan, associate director of the Pew project."We think that increase is due to more and better content about politics than there was a couple of years ago," Horrigan said.
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