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Mel Gibson On George Bush« Thread Started on May 14, 2006, 7

Daily newsbrief journal for May 2006, also see for a global 100-page perpetual brief and follow twitter @usdemocrats

Mel Gibson On George Bush« Thread Started on May 14, 2006, 7

Postby admin » Fri Jan 27, 2012 8:30 am

Mel Gibson On George Bush« Thread Started on May 14, 2006, 7:25pm » --------------------------------------------------------------------------------Mel Gibson On George Bush: The Hollywood Worm Turns?by Joe Gandelmanread source: ... 58.shtmlIf you go back and read the stories on Mel Gibson over the past few years, they've assumed that he was a supporter of President George Bush. WRONG, apparently, because this sounds like The Passion of The Bush Opponent:Film star and director Mel Gibson has launched a scathing attack on US President George W Bush, comparing his leadership to the barbaric rulers of the Mayan civilization in his new film Apocalypto.The epic, due for release later this year, captures the decline of the Maya kingdom and the slaughter of thousands of inhabitants as human sacrifices in a bid to save the nation from collapsing.Gibson reveals he used present day American politics as an inspiration, claiming the government callously plays on the nation's insecurities to maintain power.He tells British film magazine Hotdog, "The fear-mongering we depict in the film reminds me of President Bush and his guys".The talk show should be interesting on Monday (if they mention this at all).
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