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The Lawless President: Inside the mind of George W« Thread S

Daily newsbrief journal for May 2006, also see for a global 100-page perpetual brief and follow twitter @usdemocrats

The Lawless President: Inside the mind of George W« Thread S

Postby admin » Fri Jan 27, 2012 8:27 am

The Lawless President: Inside the mind of George W« Thread Started on May 19, 2006, 3:42am » --------------------------------------------------------------------------------May 17, 2006The Lawless President: Inside the mind of George W. Bush by Frank J. Ranelli http://www.opednews.comOur 43rd President of the United States, George Walker Bush, is in reality a rogue despot masquerading as an American president. He personifies exactly what the framers of the Constitution feared and worked so feverishly to prevent by designing three, co-equal branches of government and placing limits on executive powers through a system of checks and balances. In essence, the founding fathers aimed to avert a lawless president and a totalitarian monarchy. Upon close examination, it is easy to see George Bush’s aspirations and goals are those of a diluted, self-indulged, tyrannical mind. His is incapable of emotion or sentiment, intolerant in judgment and insatiable for power. His quest for a total plutocracy and a fascist state, governed only by the most choice of aristocratic associates and co-conspirators, is an ugly abyss of intemperance for power and money as well as a profound disparagement for the common man that gets in his way.As are all oppressive dictators and tyrants, they wholly, in every respect, believe that they are somehow different and more deserving than the other inhabitants of this planet. They justify their insidious actions and nefarious deeds through a ubiquitous campaign of distorted delusion. This distortion in thinking inevitably leads them to falsely conclude the end always justifies the means. That no matter the cost to human life, the ordained rights of others, the egregiousness of the lies told or suffrage of other fellow human beings- deemed collateral damage by their mere existence, is always warranted and defensible.Bush’s outlandish behavior and compulsion to subjugate others is born out of necessity. He is beyond merely another dishonest or crooked politician. Bush is a distorted figure of bizarre and grotesquely epic fallacies. Brought on by a dynastic family history and an up-bringing earmarked by prejudice, deceit, war profiteering, domination by fear and intimidation. He continually displays an incongruity that his judgment and actions are superior to our own and deserves no justification to the people and laws of this nation. Most conscience and rational human beings easily extrapolate the basic ideas and need for morality, scruples, compassion, harmony and equality to co-exist with one another in realism. Bush, on the other hand, with his psychotic mind and acerbic heart, must be constantly filled with terror, fear, shock, lies, dissent and hatred to feel alive in his own ghoulish vision of the world.Bush’s true goals are ones that can never be totally met, as the mere definition of a totalitarian personality requires that the oppressor achieve all and have all that exists unto themselves. It is this eccentric and treacherous behavior that drives his unattainable expeditions into complete world domination and continually begs him to ask the question “is there nothing more?”To me, it has become insipid to question whether or not George W. Bush is a dictator, a pathological liar and a danger to not only our own democracy, but to the safety of the world. The far more pressing, urgent and grave question that every American needs to ask and demand answers for is, “Who will stop the reign?” http://www.ranellirants.blogspot.comFrank J. Ranelli is an independent political writer and author as well as an activist and advocate for the progression of peace and the advancement of the Democratic Party. He currently focuses his time on writing for a number of democratic candidates, speaking out against the Bush Administration, against the Iraq War and for the impeachment and removal of President Bush. His writing has been well-received and widely published in a variety of outlets from his local newspaper, popular blogs such as, the progressive journal of thought known as Wicked Philosophy and now his own blog- Ranelli Rants: Sane opinions in an unfit world
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