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border security scam« Thread Started on May 19, 2006, 6:15am

Daily newsbrief journal for May 2006, also see for a global 100-page perpetual brief and follow twitter @usdemocrats

border security scam« Thread Started on May 19, 2006, 6:15am

Postby admin » Fri Jan 27, 2012 8:27 am

border security scam« Thread Started on May 19, 2006, 6:15am » --------------------------------------------------------------------------------the ultra capitalists who did a hostile corporate takeover of the US government office took you all to war to make money off munitions, off logistics like feeding, equipping, housing, transporting etc all the soldiers and their support group and equipment, to open new markets to sell armaments, training, infrastructure building and to give away security contracts using YOUR TAX MONEY to US commercial companies (bush cheney rove and company's personal friends) through government commissioned taxpayer paid contracts to go and make money off foolish uneducated americans so they can arserape you in every way possible while they have the reigns to all the trillions of government money and foreign government's monies from afghanistan, pakistan, the new iraqi army and other NATO allies such as the UK, Australia, Canada, Italy who got sucked in and pretty much looted all of iraq's wealth as well as America's wealth as well through mandating exclusive contracts to companies appointed by the US transitional authority and forcing them to pay for reconstruction, rearming and other federal government level necessities too. Its just like when corporate raiders (pirates) infiltrate a rich company then take it over through a whatever means then disassemble it, loot it and sell off its assets for their own gains. Thats what they did to your government. Its a big scam that most people dont care about or dont bother cuz most people think its too scary to stand up to these crooks and its kinda lame that more americans arent standing up and pulling the plug to this major scam , letting corporate acquisition specialists raid and letting them succeed in taking over your government, and that even Canada has bent over and handed over the lube too and letting Harper loot Canadians too by increasing the military budget by billions which will go to these American corporate raiders who are just laughing that these supposed smart Canadians are also being sucked into their whole scam by continuing to distract people by continuing to talk about terrorism and security and hypnotizing everyone just thinking about terrorism all the time when thats exactly what they want. They couldnt care less if the war didnt end and people bombed canada too cuz then even canadians will get mad and demand the government spend more money on military and expand the war. The white house is run by military contractors who have an interest in wars. They make money from chaos, bombed out resource countries and selling supplies, munitions and rebuilding construction. They make a killing. If africa had major resources sure as shxt thered be a war there too under the guise of 'humanitarian interests' and lets see of the places in Africa where there is a US military presence, sure as shXt theres lots of oil produced in those countries too and why isnt the army in african countries that have no resources? Cuz they dont give a shxt, humanitarian concerns means squat unless theres easy money to be made or service to be sold to their cash rich governments. If they aint got money they arent there. They couldnt care less if they all starved and died off. Time to get priorities straight. next theyre gonna assrape you and scam you some more on hyping up border security and demanding billions of taxpayer dollars to secure two massive borders and bringing in National Guard and feed and house and equip them too since these people need a way to make money after they get out from Iraq since politically that money tree is gonna come to a close soon . Americans shouldnt be so lame and gullible please LOL Hopefully more of you will wake up and see through this whole fabricated capitalist scam and have more courage to stand up to what is right. Peace and security doesnt come from bombing, imprisoning, or maiming or killing or fooling the population. It comes from diplomacy, bridge building, educating people and building friendships. with all this whole terrorism thing is to all confuse you, distract you and prod you all into thinking one way. They also raped you all at the gas pump and figured youd all go along with a big lie that they need the extra money to finance the war and scammed you that way too while the energy companies post the highest profits ever of all time. Do you see these gas companies doing anything back for you? Plus these guys infiltrated the 'right wing' 'conservative' 'christian' party of the United States to hoop you all and confuse you further LMFAO Its deliberate and engineered to fool you all and go along with things. Please grow some balls, some courage and remove these people who took you all over, scammed you, took your highest office by fraud, deception and smoke. discussion at source:
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