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Demand answers on election fraud « Thread Started on Nov 27,

Daily newsbrief journal for November 2004, also see for a global 100-page perpetual brief and follow twitter @usdemocrats

Demand answers on election fraud « Thread Started on Nov 27,

Postby admin » Thu Jan 26, 2012 10:05 am

Demand answers on election fraud « Thread Started on Nov 27, 2004, 5:18pm » --------------------------------------------------------------------------------Tuesday, November 23, 2004Letters to the Editor for Kennebec JournalBlethen Maine Newspapers Inc. ... htmlDemand answers on election fraud The founding fathers put freedom of the press in the First Amendment because they realized that our democracy relies on a free press to make it work.On Nov. 12, a producer for news programs on CBS leaked that a media lockdown had been ordered about the massive voter fraud that "re-elected" Bush -- a story, if ever there was one, that all the rest of the world has been talking about for more than a week now.Mounting evidence shows the election was rigged, with a capital "R." The people of Ohio know it. They have been storming their Statehouse, giving depositions and naming names, but getting no press. The media, now Bush's propaganda machine, have been instructed to shut up, and maybe all the questions about this crooked election will go away.They've hijacked our democracy, and our right to know about it: the classic run-up to fascism. Don't wait for the media, which urgently need to address this, unless they want to be licking jackboots for the rest of their careers. Call your people in Congress and demand a full accounting, and maybe a whole new election where fraud is proven. Our soldiers and countless innocent Iraqis are dying for this delusion as we speak. After all, "democracy" that does not reflect the true will of the people is worthless. Before we let them shove it down the throats of others in the world, in our name, with our blood and treasure, we'd better get it right at home first, or we may all be choking on Bush's "freedom."Bia WinterMount VernonDriver caused painfor dog, ownerAt 5 p.m. on Nov. 12, someone hit a dog on the Hallowell-Litchfield Road in West Gardiner and never stopped.This letter is to let that driver know how Bear is and what we went through.I heard a thump and a yelp. I immediately called out, hoping it was not Bear. I heard his bark letting me know where he was and found him on the shoulder of the road. I could not pick him up. Bear tried to get up. I ran to get a blanket to drag him to my vehicle. I also called my daughter for help and the emergency animal hospital for instructions. I drove Bear to the hospital.Bear was in shock and still alive. They immediately gave him pain medication and took X-rays, only to find that Bear had massive internal injuries and a broken spine. Bear would not survive. Needless to say, Bear is no longer with me.All I have to say now is that I hope the driver got where he or she was OK since that person was in such a hurry that he or she could not stop. I wonder if that driver can imagine what Bear went through, or realizes the pain I am in now.For the record, I found Bear under a caution sign that read, "School bus stop ahead."Sharon CummingsWest GardinerNews media wrongto vilify U.S. troopsSo is this how reporters try to start a career or jump-start a failing one: by vilifying a U.S. Marine in harm's way whose trying to ensure the safety of himself, his fellow Marines and this backstabbing pool reporter.These Marines are not fighting for a political agenda, they are fighting for their lives.The media's attempts to make our troops look evil makes me absolutely sick. I am convinced they want our guys to be overwhelmed and killed. Or the media wants them to look like power-mad invaders -- just so journalists can blame it all on Bush. About a block away from where the Marine shot the insurgents, a Marine was killed and five others were wounded by a booby-trapped body found in a house after a shutout with insurgents. Could this have been on that Marine's mind when he did this?People need to get over this election and think about those who are in harm's way.It is easy to condemn war actions over a coffee at Starbucks. But until people have walked a step in a pair of boots, they have no right to condemn.I just hope the soldier who killed that insurgent gets the Purple Heart for taking shrapnel to the face a couple days earlier -- before he is sent Leavenworth Prison.It is time for Americans to stand up and support our troops.Robert TweedieFormer U.S. Our policies abroadpromote terrorismThe Western European/North American self-perceived moral superiority that has created the ideal that we are obligated to "civilize" the world is the largest barrier to peace in the world today.As long as we attempt to impose our moral beliefs on other societies, true believers of the religions and cultures that we try to eliminate will fight back. We are the world's super powers. We control the world's economy. We control most of the world's resources. And now we are trying to control the world's morals.The countries that we impose our wills upon cannot successfully fight us in a "real" war, so their inhabitants seek other means. Transnational terrorists will continue to kill Americans and Western Europeans as long as we continue our current international policies. America's shift, be it real or perceived, to an ultraconservative, Judeo-Christian morality will perpetuate these policies. Continuing these policies will continue transnational terrorism.Terrorism is the new warfare. Gone are traditional wars where two armies are amassed and aimed at one another. Gone are the days when two nations declared their intentions. Today, we have small cells of true believers who report to a larger, worldwide, terrorist organization and attack sovereign nations without the support of any government.Terrorism is the war of tomorrow and our policies abroad promote it.Brian StaceyVassalborobsstacey@gawab.comPosted land drivesaway Mass. hunterI have hunted in the Palermo-to-Troy area for 19 years, and it will not be 20. I have never seen so many posted signs in my life. And when I find a piece of land that is not posted, there are 100 hunters in it.I live on Cape Cod and do not see so many posted signs. At least we can drive deer here so there is a successful hunt and the farmers are happy. I just do not understand why so many people in Maine post their land. They are just begging for crop damage; we saw that here.Maybe it will change some land owners' opinions to know that I am going go to upstate New York next year and will not be spending my money in Maine.Tim CunninghamMashpee,
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