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Concerned Locals Push For Presidential Election Fraud Invest

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Concerned Locals Push For Presidential Election Fraud Invest

Postby admin » Thu Jan 26, 2012 10:02 am

Concerned Locals Push For Presidential Election Fraud Investigation« Thread Started on Nov 27, 2004, 5:26pm » --------------------------------------------------------------------------------Concerned Locals Push For Presidential Election Fraud Investigation ... =53Medford, Oregon -- "We believe exit polls in the Ukraine, but we don't believe exit polls in the U.S.," said Tim Ream. "What is that telling us?" Ream was one of the speakers at a meeting Monday night in the Medford Public Library attended by about 75 people from Southern Oregon who want the federal government as well as state governments to investigate occurrences they say indicate widespread fraud in the 2004 U.S. presidential election. "The exit poll is a very pure type of sampling; you're taking a random number of people who just left the voting place," said Ream, who lives in the Applegate Valley. "Historical data has shown time and time again that exit polls are very accurate." Ream added that in Florida, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and a number of other states, exit poll percentages contrasted sharply with election results, and in all cases the disparity was in favor of President George Bush. Ream noted that several statistical studies were undertaken regarding the issue. "One team out of Berkley concluded that the odds are 250 million to one that it could just be a coincidence that the exit polls could be so wrong," he said adding that a growing number of Americans suspect that Republicans stole the election and John Kerry was the true winner.Ashland resident, Mat Marr, who also spoke at the meeting, cited a study undertaken by Professor Steven Freeman of the University of Pennsylvania. "Freeman looked at past exit polls and found that they are amazingly accurate," said Marr. "Then he studied the results on the 2004 election and identified several states where the results massively shifted toward Bush, contradicting the exit polls." Marr, Ream and most of the other people at the meeting want to see a hand recount of the votes in the states Freeman identified, but by law, that cannot happen unless a candidate who ran in the election requests it. Senator John Kerry who lost the election to Bush has stated he will not ask for a recount. "Fortunately, the third party candidates - Ralph Nader, and some others - have requested recounts in several states," said Marr.The disparity between exit polls and election results, however, was only one of the issues discussed at the meeting. Some of the other issues that the group found troublesome include:Voters in many states had to endure waits of up to 10 hours at the polls due to malfunctioning or inadequate numbers of voting machines. The lack of paper trails or other auditing mechanisms for electronic voting machines. Fifty million votes cast electronically cannot be audited. A number of official vote tallies, particularly in precincts in Ohio, show totals far exceeding the number of registered voters. Thousands of voters never received their absentee ballots. It is unclear how and when provisional ballots get counted."Any one of these things by itself could be a coincidence," said Marr, "but when you have a series of coincidences, a pattern begins to emerge." Several speakers urged those who attended the meeting to send letters and emails to their elected representatives demanding a recount, but they acknowledged that so far only a small percentage of Americans seem interested in a meticulous reexamination of the 2004 presidential election. "In Kiev - the capital city of Ukraine - over a hundred thousand people are marching in the streets demanding a recount because of irregularities in their presidential election," said Ream. "If more people in the United States were aware of the irregularities in our election, there would be a lot more people demanding that something was done about it."Contact info: Nick Diamantides of may be reached at
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