's equipment procurement division can assist with commercial equipment and fleet vehicle procurements 
for city, state and federal fleets.

From the latest eco-friendly hybrids such as the Toyota Prius, Chevy Volt or other popular hybrids to heavy equipment tractors, trailers 
to Emergency response vehicles, the fleet equipment procurement division can coordinate fleet procurements at
very competitive fleet prices.

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The Toyota Prius is a popular electric hybrid that achieves an excellent fuel efficiency of 
4.9L per 100km and is near zero-emissions and provides exceptional fuel savings 

Bylaw enforcement vehicles
City/state/federal employee vehicles
Security patrol

Standard service GMC Yukons, Chevy Tahoes are available

The new Chevrolet Caprice and Crown Victoria police interceptors are now available

The Ford Transit is a fuel efficient cargo vehicle, EV versions are eco-friendly fuel efficient cargo vans for city, state and federal fleets.

Standard Ford, Dodge and GM Heavy Duty offroad work trucks are available.

Tractors and heavy equipment rigs and trailers are also available.

Bus fleets are also available.

Send an RFP to for a detailed procurement logistics plan and quote.

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